Combining the Real World
and the Digital World
to make your business Clickable.

The Latest Technology

Our phones are pretty smart but Only as smart as the information coming to them.

When you force customers to type in a web address to find you, 50% won't even bother.

For those that do, 75% of them are GONE after just 1.5 SECONDS if nothing loads. You are sharp, do the math. Slow page loading is causing the bulk of your prospects to leave.

Slow page loading was affecting Google's revenue because of dropped or abandoned searches so they lowered the boom. 

We have a whole section on this at ToughlessMarketing™ but for now, you need to make sure you are taking steps to fix this. 

What you can Do

Begin my making Google your Friend.

  • Customers are finding you through either a Google Search or on Google Maps. It's critical that your Google My Business listing is current and functional.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, let any outside company mess with your Google listing as they will Always do more harm than good.
  • If you receive an email or phone call from someone claiming to be a Google Partner and they want you to "Help you claim your Google Listing" or "Get 1st page ranking on Google," hang up. Google will NEVER call or contact you, these are always Scams.
  • It's Critical that the website link from your Google My Business Listing be either Google's Progressive Web App (PWA) or their Accelerated Mobile Pages (PWA) which you are seeing right now. Did you notice how quick this page loaded?) Google made these systems to specifically address slow page loads across all channels and they give these links preferential ranking.

Google My Business

GooPLUS™ to make your world Clickable.

GooTOURS™ Another Consideration to help grow your business by giving your customers full access on Their Terms.

GooMAPS™ This system is coming to your area SOON.

Ever noticed that some Google Map listings have a Logo?

There are only Two ways to do this.

  • Create a Google Ads account and pay to get More Traffic to your site. Again, it's a profit motive. Businesses that advertise on Google get Preferential treatment.
  • Create a Pay-Per-Click account where you pay when folks click your ad.
  • Those are the only sure ways to make this happen, but there is a third way that sometimes works.

Add an Icon to your Google Maps Listing

Video Marketing

If you currently aren't streaming a video on your website landing page your Google rankings are already starting to suffer.

FACT. Google Always gives higher rankings to sites that have quality, engaging video on the landing page.

See VideoEVOLVE™

Video is such an important element to your business success that you no longer have an option.

Unlocking Cell Phone POWER

What if as folks were in your store or even across the street, the information you want could pop up on their phone in about a second just by them pointing their camera phone and clicking?

What if it even worked in areas where there was No Internet Connection?

What if it was Totally User Controlled without those annoying pop-up ads? Customers didn't have to worry about that Cookie warning because there are no cookies?

What if No App download or install was required?
No Beacons or Geofencing requirements.

What if it could Automatically Translate to ANY language with a few clicks?

What if you had total control and could change your message in minutes, as often as you wanted?

What if it was Automatically ADA Compliant, shielding you from the growing threat of a law suit?

And what if you could do all this by the month for less than the cost of a ONE DAY 2 line classified ad in your local news paper?